Day 35 (jan.4,2012) - found a nice chill place in the suburbs with good inexpensive pub food and nice town folks. (Taken with instagram)

Day 25 (jan.25,2012) - found a new spot. So pretty and delish. And I found chocolate crinkles YUM <3 panera (Taken with instagram)

Day 19 (jan.19,2012) - so hungry but i’m having trouble with my #snack pack! Here’s Sam struggling to help me access my #food … Didn’t work. Crappy packaging :( (Taken with instagram)

Day 13 (jan.13,2012) - it didn’t matter how bad the weather was. Snow and wind wouldn’t stop us from getting #food. #pho and #chowmein, plus churros for dessert! Happy Friday the 13th everyone ;) (Taken with instagram)

Day 12 (jan.12,2012) - hours of talking in between classes. Yay #school and fast #food… And odd stories of Italy and Spain. (Taken with instagram)

omg… that’s for “average” people


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why do i always end up stuffing myself nonstop when I work on essays and crap??

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You know that awkward moment when it gets really quiet in class and your tummy growls super loud? … and you just look at people around you and start laughing together? My life.