This is how my days look (just add fatty timbits to the picture)… I answer calls, book appointments, accomodate students, make LOTS of posters, answer more questions, etc. I thought I’d spend my summer out and about or lazily reading a book at home… but I’m still thankful for the opportunity to have a full-time job working 9 to 5 (my part-time at Hollister doesn’t even count anymore bc I keep booking off my evenings and weekends anyway). However, although downtown Toronto is so interesting and entertaining most of the time - especially now that tons of shows/movies are filming - I wish I didn’t have to wake up so early everyday or at least be able to join in some daytime activities like going to the beach, shopping outdoors, going to wonderland, etc. Also, all my workout plans have not worked out because I always get too tired/lazy after work. Yay, discipline.

This is off-topic, but, this morning, the friendly cafe lady was kind enough to inform me that Dasani adds table salt to their water… hm.

Also, I elbowed the wall last night when I got home. Like, it was loud! I’m not sure how it happened. I was really tired. I don’t see any bruises as of yet. But it hurts everytime I flex my arms :s

Anyway, I need to get back to working on posters…. fuuuuun.

sunrise in the arctic…

Monday’s + crowd + delays on the subway + work = :(

heart condition plus scratch on my lung??

Last night I dreamt I had a heart condition, which the faceless doctor in my dream described as my heart having some sort of defect due to inflaming i-forgot-what -but it wasn’t the arteries. I was showed a picture of my heart and it looked gross and the outside kind of looked like that weird loose baby skin - i don’t know how to describe it properly but that’s what the doctor said. Also, the doctor gave my condition a name which I can’t seem to recall anymore but it sounded so legit!!!! …. On top of that, apparently, they found a ‘scratch’ on one of my lungs, too, which they (the doctor and nurse/someone random) said might be cancer. Nice. They were kind enough to tell me that my condition will most likely progress rapidly (that I’d weaken in 3 weeks) and probably only have a couple of months to live…. and I woke up. YEP. I remember everything clearly (minus that scientific name, gr). I thought it was real for a while.

On the lighter/brighter side of things, I’m going to see GLEE LIVE IN A COUPLE OF HOURS!!!! yaaaayyyyy! :)

…. at work - taking a break. Finished 4 posters in one sitting. I’m running out of ideas.

2 more hours and it’s the weekend!!!!!

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and so the flower falls to the ground…