I kinda like this concept… esp the doors!

I came home at 11 tonight - which isn’t very late… but I felt EXHAUSTED! Like, what’s wrong with me? I barely did anything today. Also, my body seems to resist sleeping more than 5hrs/night. HOWEVER, it’s been a good week. I actually had summer days not just summer nights and the entire week felt like actual summer vacation! I went to work only ONCE. Yay! The US road trip was quite refreshing. And, well, the last-minute Niagara trip was uber fun! It’s a nice feeling not having to care or worry about matters of consequences sometimes; like not thinking about how we’d get home or who’d drive if we all drank, or having to go to work the next day or like how we constantly spend money like it was nothing ‘_’. But, seriously, I think what made the trip more memorable was the fact that I was with people who were just as silly and eccentric as I am… (Actually, no, you two are worse ;p). But anyway, back to work next week! Whooo! Fun! … Not really.

Just 1 month of summer vacation left!!! :’(


(via Nature Funneled Inside Sleek Fortress House | The Beautifulist)

vinzo, i like this.. but we need to make a few changes like… extend the pool into the house and change the floor to glass :)


my quick trip to nj/nyc

the images are linked to my Flickr if you want to see the full size


My view…

Went out to do some grocery shopping, ordered pizza and chicken…. It started raining in Pocono, PA…  We decided to stay in…

so this is my life :)

quiet little corner + rain + music + window + nature + food = <3

On a side note, I think I’ve developed an addiction with Fossil. Guess we know where I’m spending my next paycheque/s :s