why do i always end up stuffing myself nonstop when I work on essays and crap??

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when i try to move after having a big meal… just not as cute 

when i try to move after having a big meal… just not as cuteĀ 

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So this is what’s going on around me at the McDonald’s in LAX. Got myself a big dinner/midnight snack while I wait for another 3.5 hrs til my next flight.

Upon descending, I could see the city from the window and I just felt so sad. Good memories rushed through my head. The city’s so pretty at night and I just wanted to stay. I miss life in Hawaii but I’d rather spend more time in LA with fam. It was also sad knowing that just the next flight comin in from Hawaii would have the rest of my fam on it andwhen they arrive in LA, they would be driving home as I sit here waiting for another flight.

Overall though, that vacation was definitely memorable. I did a lot of things I wouldn’t normally do. Swimming with dolphins is getting crossed off my bucket list… Sigh. If only I didn’t have to travel so far and long! Once again, I’m super happy there’s complimentary wifi!

It’s back to school and work and the cold for me in about 10hrs :( boo.

I normally don’t take pictures when I’m on the plane… Just because i feel like I’m being watched (idk why but it bothers me when a stranger looks over my shoulder). But today it was too pretty I thought I’d take a picture of the snow-covered mountains… but apparently I didn’t. This is all I have saved. Just the same, everything looks so peaceful from 15,000ft in the sky. Anyway, I’m in San Francisco right now and it seems like it was just yesterday when I walked its streets - but that was in January. Time flies! It would be nice to walk around outside but I’m stuck in the airport trying my best to entertain myself (thus, Tumblr). So thankful for the FREE wifi! 2.5 more hrs before boarding!